Who is Maverick Mesa Computer Specialists?

We are a 25+ year old onsite and remote computer services firm that assists small businesses in the Phoenix Metro area.

That means we can come to you to fix your issues, provided you are in Phoenix or one of the surrounding cities.  That includes West Vally, North Valley, and East Valley.  Once established as a client, we can even do some of the work remotely.


What can Maverick Mesa Do For You?

Got problems with your computers, servers, and other technologies?

With our 25 years of technology implementation experience, extensive training, and practical small business focus, we can help.  Just give is a call so we can discuss your challenges.

Concerned that your vital company data is not secure?

We know a lot about how to secure your important files, sales databases, and email systems.  Let us talk to you about your current setup so we can offer you a practical solution.

Want someone to take the day to day headache of maintaining the computers off your hands?

Yes, we do that.  Our proactive maintenance lets us spot problems before they are problems.  You and your staff can go back to bringing sales, not being the impromptu computer tech.  Sit down with us and find out how we do that and how it benefits you.

Terrified of this whole “Cloud” thing, and not sure you want to do it?

Implementing the “Cloud” for a business is one of the things that we do.  However, we do it where and when it makes sense.  If you want to keep your information out of the cloud, we let you.  Chat with us about the cloud and how it makes sense for your business.

Let’s Get Started

We cannot be specific until we talk to you.  So, call us to start the conversation.

Call  623-872-1296, and press 1 to speak to an agent*.

* If you are in need of urgent service, let the agent know.


Thank you

Thanks for taking time to check out our websites and get to know us a little.  We would like to know more about you.  Call to start the conversation.

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